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Going on a big trip abroad? Learning the local language before you get there is easy and quick with Memrise.

Choose from 18 languages and explore dozens of travel lessons that include useful words and phrases taught by loocals. The most authentic learning that hleps you make progress, fast.


Why make Memrise part of your travel essentials?

It's Summer Vacation time. Your boarding pass and passport will get you there, but only Memrise unlocks your travel destination for real by teaching you all the phrases you need in the most authentic way.

Whether you just want to know enough to get around or become besties with the locals, our Travel lessons will help you learn the most useful and authentic phrases fast - taught by real locals!

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Travel success with Memrise

From little wins to big achievements, here's how every word has helped them grow their worlds


Memrise teaches useful touristy things first, makes u understand sentence structure & context while teaching u words, has real people videos, and avoids pointless repetitions. It's awesome for anyone who gets bored with Duo.


I have been using this app for a while now and when I went to France they thought I was a local based off of my pronunciation that Memrise taught me.

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I have used a number of different ways of learning foreign languages and whilst immersion in the actual country is the best way of learning this app comes a good second.


Most language apps teach you very irrelevant things that would most likely not help you in terms of travel but Memrise starts off with phrases that will be necessary for having a normal conversation. I have been using this app for years and would 10/10 recommend!


I really like the way they approach grammar. You learn through listening and noticing patterns naturally as you go. I would highly recommend to add this to your language learning tool kit!!


Learning that's easy, useful and authentic

Feel immersed, not stressed

Video and audio clips featuring real people give you the authentic feeling of learning immersion. Practice sessions you can do on your own take away the stress of being a beginner. Real-life learning without the fuss.

Speak from the get go

You'll learn the language that's used now, so you'll never have to worry about sounding like a textbook. And because our courses are designed to teach what's relevant for daily life, you'll have what you need to start trying it out from the day you start learning.

Make it happen, easily

We take the things you think make speaking in a new language really hard, and flip them on their head. No dry grammar classes or forcing you to speak on the spot. Zero long classes with heaps of homework. By keeping it real, simple and fun, you easily move from studying to speaking, fast.


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